Boat Voyager

Boat Voyager is a small project I am trying to build up, the name is currently as this but I am thinking about changing it (ugly) !

In this project, I used Unity Engine and a free boat model. The rest has been done or merged with my hands. The objective for the player ? No one for the moment, it's most like something I want to do. I want to build a prototype of naval game using today engines. So I am working a lot in rendering and "basic physics" for the moment. The entire world is computed with noisy functions so that I have an infinite world to discover (and some noisy problems sometimes).

You will found below some captures of my works on this project and insights on problems and solutions I've found and resolved.


I hope you will find this interesting !



New updates ! I've been working on terrain coloration and "beach detection" to do nice shading effets, it looks cartoon for the moment but I hope obtain something better soon.


I am now working on islands procedural generation. This project is becoming cool !



I tried many ways to change the water mesh in order to have something that works fast and well. My best results came using shader displacement on the Mesh. The problem is that the shader will compute the displacement just before rendering without giving out the hand. So I had to compute the same displacement in the CPU for a given point.

The plus:

  • I avoid using the mesh colliders given by Unity and knows exactly the cost of my "collisions" with water.

The minus:

  • I does not know how well C# performances goes for such computing, so I do not know for the moment if my choices are the best ones.

I encountered some difficulties to obtain this results, I had to rewrite some functions from CG/HLSL/GLSL to C# and check step by step my heightmap computation for each side.

Here in the video you will see my 3x3 grid of spheres that helped me to debug these computations, by matching the computatin from both sides I had a clear visual of how everything were wrong or good.



In the following video:

  • Water splash into the screen effect

06/03/2016 afternoon

In the following video:

  • Trail reflection removing.
  • Procedural sky computation.

06/03/2016 morning

Recent footages



Early version footage