Role playing

One of my activities is Role Playing, as a player and as a dungeon master (DM).

I tried different pen and paper games from Dungeon&Dragons (D&D) to custom game systems (based on d10 systems). My first tries as a DM was in D&D 3.5 with a custom world called Gammor-Dân which is the universe I developed when I was really young for my first computer game (browser a-rpg). This game is online at this address

After these experiences I confirmed that my favourite game system was the one from White Wolf: the World of Darkness system (classical or new). It is simple and easily adaptable to suit your universe and needs. Also, the fact that it is more suitable for a narrative game than the classical "Door-Monster-Treasure" pattern is a plus.

This is something important to me, because, this is my though, a role playing game is for having nice adventures and being immersed in the skin of a complete different person in a different world with interactions and choices that have an impact and not simply destroy the skulls of countless goblins in order to satisfy something. Other points I love over all other things in the classical world of darkness is the redemption and humanity question. Are we monsters or are the monsters human ?

Some campaigns I've done so far:

Role (GM/Player) System From To Universe Setting
Player D&D 3.5 2011 2011 GM custom universe A group of adventurers made it to a strange cave full of kobolds...
GM D&D 3.5 2011 2012 (few months) Gammor-Dân A group of adventurers met on a Tavern in the middle of the Realm capital. Here they encounter a strange Mage with strange needs.
Player nWOD 2012 2013    
GM nWOD 2012 2013 (few months) Star Wars 2 GM managing two groups in the universe of Star Wars. I managed the "Sith" table.
GM nWOD 2012 2013 (few sessions) Gammor-Dân Tried a campaign with 7 players... 'was fun, but too much chaotic.
Player nWOD 2013 2014 Marvel A group of new mutants discover their powers while Earth is attacked by strange bionic robots from space.
GM D&D3.5  2013 2014 Gammor-Dân Another group of adventurers met the strange mage in the Tavern, but decides to investigate strange rumors on the west.
GM cWOD 01/01/2015 01/01/2016 Vampire: Dark Ages/Vampire: The Masquerade A long last in time Gehenna campaign from -539 B.C Babylon to 2015 A.D
Player nWOD 01/12/2015 Today Marvel A group of new mutants who does not know really about their powers are captured by Dr. Fatalis in order to save the earth.
GM cWOD 01/02/2016 Today Vampire: The Masquerade I am working on this campaign.


I began to mastering in the universe of Gammor-Dân, creating my own rules for magic and adventures. I also began to adapt this system to the Star Wars universe.

Lately, I ended a "try" with my players to do a "huge timeline" campaign in the classical world of darkness - vampire the masquerade set.

I am also playing a WOD adaptation to Marvel campaign since the end of 2015. And I began the mastery of Vampire: The Masquerade 20th anniversary edition campaign since the 01/02/2016.

My huge timeline chronicle had many good feedbacks, but it seemed I had a lack of "interpretation" for my NPC's and at a point in the chronicle, players felt lost in the main plot. So for the new one, I looked for a social graph manager software that let me manage my own NPC's. Strangely, I did not found one, so after a week I decided to build one. You can found it here