Mon CV French  

I am Pierre-Marie, a young french/spanish guy who loves geeky stuff. I am passionated about 3D rendering, art and role playing games. I spent my youth near Madrid, then I moved to France at the age of 8 for some personal reasons. I did my studies there and there in the French country.

My computer sciences education began at the age of 15, when I was in my "coll├Ęge". I began a browser massively role playing game that I try to maintain a little bit. It has no real success but I managed to learn many things during these three years. I also began the discovery of pen & paper role playing games at this time, feeding myself with great ideas and projects.

Naturally, my interests brought me to study computer sciences in a technical formation at the IUT in La Rochelle in which I obtained my diploma after the two years of formation, then I obtained a Bachelor of Sciences in computer sciences after a year of studies and finally a computer sciences engineer diploma at the ENSEIRB-MATMECA school after three years of studies. During my six years of computer sciences studies I did internships in web development and finally in a research lab with the virtual reality thematic.

I began my career on private and public laboratories in the Virtual Reality environments and then I moved to a computer vision experience.

All these experiences showed me that I had a real passion about 3D rendering and image processing alongside with Virtual Reality thematics.

GPU accelerated Raytracer